Christmas Jumper

Christmas Jumper

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Includes one jumper weighing approx 30-35g


Cranberry & Orange (Red/Orange) - The fragrance bursts to life with crisp notes of fresh cranberry and blackcurrant, making it a Christmas treat that is both fruity and sweet. Delicious red berries are mixed with orange fruits in the centre, ready for a gourmet bed of creamy caramel.


Eucalyptus & Cotton (Blue/Purple) - A cool floral accord with fresh crisp green notes, enlivened with menthol and eucalyptus and a touch of mandarin, leading to a watery floral heart of lavender, white lily and chamomile.


Jingle Bells (Yellow/Red) - A sweet scent with notes of freshly picked ripe blackberries and cut stems, a centre of grape, mint, and raspberry, and a base of dry cedarwood that will help you get into the holiday spirit.


Snowflake Cookie (Blue/White) - A sweet and comforting aroma with base notes of vanilla that are layered with cotton candy, peach, cookie. If that was not enough, they are topped off with coffee, milk, butter and almond for a truly magical aroma.


Sparkling Cinnamon (Red/White) - A spicy warmth of cinnamon stick with a hint of cloves.Sparkling Cinnamon (Red/White) - A spicy warmth of cinnamon stick with a hint of cloves.


Spiced Mulled Wine (Red/Green) - A warm wintery fragrance consisting of alcohol, sweet berries, orange and a hint of peach notes accompanied by the comforting spicy feel of bay, cinnamon and ginger on a sweet vanilla base.


Sweater Weather (Pink/White) - On a heart of forest fruits, winter Jasmine, lavender, and chilling menthol, on a base of amber, musk, and moss, a fresh uplifting accord with top notes of pine, lemon, and eucalyptus.