Fit for a Princess Set

Fit for a Princess Set

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16 mini hearts inspired by dreamy scents:


Magical Dreams - Take yourself on a magical journey with this incredibly delightful fragrance, which includes the following notes: cherry, sandalwood, muguet, and amber which are blended with cranberry, strawberry, raspberry vanilla, and musk.


Majestic Mermaid - A fruity melody of raspberry, orange and pineapple, softened with notes of sweet rose, violet leaf, jasmine and ocean wave, all resting on a musk and sandalwood bed.


Rainbow Drops - a fun, fruity fragrance with blackcurrant, raspberry and grape resting on a base of musk and dried fruit.


Pink Candy Floss - a sweet candy floss accord just like on the fun fair with supporting notes of sugar, lemon, musk, and vanilla.


Queen of Hearts - a tea party aroma fit for a Queen of Hearts. Soft, sweet, bright red strawberries and scrumptious, crumbly shortcake, laced with a fine dusting of powdery white sugar.


Cupcake - a sweet, rich, creamy vanilla fragrance with caramel notes, with a fresh baked scent.


Pixie Dust - a creamy explosion of candy and fruits, pear, sweet notes, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry.


Dark Kiss - a seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose & dark vanilla bean.